Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Baby Onesies

As part of the baby gift baskets I posted about earlier, I included a onesie in each package. For the two little boys I took a blue and white striped onesie and added the baby's first initial using appliqué technique. There are several great tutorials on appliqué all over the web.
Here is a quick version of how these came together.
What you will need: 
A onesie in your choice of color/pattern
Scrap piece of material (a 6 inch square should be plenty)
Paper Backed Fusible Web such as Wonder Under or Steam a Seam 2 (enough to cover your applique shape or letter)
Stencil of your shape or letter to be appliqued
Sewing Machine
  First, I created my stencil using my cricut machine. It is not necessary to use a cutting machine but it is faster. It would be even faster if I could get my cricut to cut the fabric directly, but no matter how many tricks I have tried I can't get it to work. If you know the secret...please fill me in. I cut the letter "m" and the letter "t" out of cardstock paper. Next I took the stencil and used it to trace the letters BACKWARDS on the back of the Wonder Under. You want to trace the letter backwards so that the right side of your fabric is facing out once it is ironed on to the onesie.

After I traced the letters, I placed the Wonder Under onto the back side of my fabric. For these shirts I used a flannel recieving blanket. I love how soft the fabric is and tends to hold up better in the wash than felt. I pressed the iron down firmly following the fusible web's package instructions. After I ironed on the fusible web I cut out the letters following my tracing lines. I then peeled the paper backing off the cut out letter and placed it on the onesie.

Once I was happy with my placement I ironed the letter on, again following the fusible web's package instructions. As a final step, I used a straight stitch and edgestitched on the applique. Many people use a zig zag stitch for traditonal applique but I prefer the straight stitch for this particular design.

For the little girl's onesie I created a necklace appliqué. I have seen several styles on Etsy and Pinterest and decided to dig through my supplies and see what I could put together. Here is what you will need to recreate this look:
A onesie in your choice of color/pattern
Scrap Fabric (enough to create your necklace "beads")
Giant Ric Rac in your choice of color
Paper Backed Fusible Web such as Wonder Under
Sewing Machine
Fray Check
First, I took giant black ric-rac and placed it on to the onesie to determine the desired length of the necklace. I cut the ric rac and used fray check on the ends to make sure it would not fray. Next I placed a narrow strip of steam a seam onto the back of the ric rac. The backside of the steam a seam is slightly sticky once the paper backing is peeled away. This helps keep it in place on the onesie while you iron it on. After it is ironed on, stitch it on using a straight stitch to insure it is firmly attached. I sewed down the center of the ric rac.

Next, cut three small circles from your scrap fabric and Wonder Under for the necklace "beads". Attach the Wonder Under to the fabric circles following the fusible web's package instruction. Determine where you want the beads to be positioned on your necklace. Peel off the paper backing and iron the "beads" on to your ric rac necklace. Finally stitch the beads on to the onesie for added durabilty. I first tried using a straight stitch around the outside of the circle but did not like the finished look. I instead chose to use a narrow zig zag stitch around the beads.

I hope the new little babies look adorable in their new shirts.

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