Sunday, August 26, 2012

Personalized Baby Gift

A few months ago one of my friends asked me to create a baby gift for an upcoming shower. First I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby. I have always loved this fun color palette and there were 4 coordinating prints that I could easily back with pink minky fabric to create burp cloths, coordinating paci clips and an appliqué onesie. The burp cloths and paci clips were created using the attached tutorials from Dana at MADE. The onesie was created by cutting out the letter a from one of the cotton fabrics, adhering it to the pink minky fabric using wonder under and cutting out the pink minky fabric about a quarter inch wider than the first a. I then adhered that onto the onesie with wonder under and stitched it on close to the edges.
While the pics didn't turn out the best, the finished items were actually quite cute in person. I hope the recipient enjoyed them :)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Toddler Ruffle Sweatshirt

Ok...I really wish I had more pictures of this and that I took pictures while creating it. Unfortunately this was made before my blogging days and I didn't. I am showing it to you know because my crafting room is packed away during a move and I am in a creative freeze- it is painful - ha ha! This picture really doesn't do this cute little sweater justice. In person, it was adorable. I found the turquoise fabric at a thrift store and one day decided to play around and see what I could create with it. I took one of my daughter's sweaters and used it as a "pattern" to create this one. I then used white bias tape to quickly finish the sleeves and hem. Next, I cut two strips of the turquoise fabric about three inches wide and twice the length of the sweater from the neck edge to the bottom edge. Then cut two pieces of white knit (from an old t-shirt) about 2 inches wide and the same length as the turquoise strips. I ruffled the two pieces, layered the white on top of the turquoise and sewed them down the center front edges. I also used some extra bias tape to create a small tie in the center front. Again, I wish I had photos to document this process so it made more sense. I can't wait to get back to my craft room, so there will be many projects ahead I promise!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tray Makeover

Well, makeovers are usually better when you have a before shot, but here I am again digging through old projects while my family is moving and my crafting room is packed away. So please use your imagination on the before part of the project. I bought a dark wood tray at the thrift store for a couple bucks and thought it would be a nice addition to the family room. I sanded it lightly, spayed a few coats of cream spray paint on and then..I got stuck! I knew I wanted a pattern on the bottom but had no fabric in mind, no stencil to use, so I decided to give scrapbook paper a go. Using mod podge and 2 sheets of 12 by 12 paper, I glued it to the bottom of the tray and also put a few coats on top. Well...I can't say it was the best choice. I had to trim and piece together several areas to make it cover the tray. There are way too many seams so I will be redoing this one again and you will see the before and after that time around. But until then, it works for me.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Child Apron and Chef Hat

Well since crafting in this house has come to a halt, I have to dig back over the year and see what I have created. With all of my craft room packed away, it is pretty sad to not be able to create, but I am sure in the new house I will be busy for a LONG time with projects. Looking back through photos I came across a gift I made for my niece last year. She had recently received a play kitchen as a gift, so I searched for a child's chef hat and apron tutorial. I was happy when I came across both of them together here (hat) and here (apron). I used some strawberry fabric with red gingham to match (I made my apron reversible) and also added the name to the front center of the hat using wonder under and some solid red fabric. I think it turned out cute...but I have to caution you that this apron is sized for an older child. My niece was 2 at the time and it is way too big...had I been thinking I would have downsized it, but live and learn!