Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to Blogland

We have been working on becoming bloggers for awhile now. Finally, it was time to pull the trigger and just make it happen. We look forward to sharing our creations with you and hope we can inspire others to begin sewing as so many other blogs we have read have inspired us daily. Here is a little more info about who we are and how this obsession with sewing all began...

Shannon: I am married to wonderful man who supports this sewing habit of mine with both his encouragement and his wallet. He has tried to be patient as the craft room overflows into other parts of the house, when I run out of room to store any more crafting goods because there is already an overabundance of everything imaginable, or when I ask his opinion of how my three hundreth infinity scarf creation looks. During the day I am a mommy to my two kiddos. I have a daughter who just turned two and a son who just turned 9 months old. They keep me busy and I love them dearly. I try to sneak in sewing during naptime, bedtime, or on the weekend when the hubby is around to help.

Betsy: I am a Kindergarten teacher here in beautiful Colorado!  I moved here 7 years ago and have loved every minute of it.  Being a teacher, I am constantly looking for cost effective and fun ways to create items for my classroom, home, and wardrobe.  Crafting has definitely come in handy.  I have single-handedly turned my town home into crafting/sewing central!

How we started sewing:
Years ago we were roommates. Betsy had learned to quilt with her grandmother and Shannon had been taught how to sew by her mother. We each had machines that were unused and taking up space. One weekend we decided we wanted to attempt to sew purses. Once we started...we barely took a break. We sewed all weekend and from there our passion to sew took off. We tried out new things and helped eachother along the way. That was six years ago and today we still regularly get together to create and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead...


  1. Proud to know you both! Congratulations!

  2. Hi Shannon & Betsy! Congratulations to both of you!! I'm a new blogger too, and this has been sooo rewarding for me! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope the two of you enjoy your journey!!


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