Thursday, March 8, 2012

Baby Gifts Part 2

After creating the structured fabric gift baskets (HERE) and the baby onesies (HERE) I finalized the baby gifts with a couple more individual touches. The mother of one of the new baby boys had requested a nursing cover. Last summer, when I was nursing, she had liked how my cover was made out of a heavier material. I prefer using a home dec weight fabric when sewing these or making them double sided if they are out of regular cotton print. For this cover I used some left over fabric from my son's nursery. This fabric is from the Dwell Studio line and is called: Maze Work Azure. You can create one of these nursing covers using this great and easy to follow tutorial: Nursing Cover Tutorial

I then decided to keep using the left over material and created nursing pads. I had made myself a few sets of these and loved that they were washable. Here is the tutorial I followed when making this set.

In each gift basket I included a pacifier clip. I was never smart enough to use one with my first child and my second child never took a I hope these will get some use as it seems like a very helpful gadget. I love Dana's tutorials on MADE. Here is one of her many great tutorials:  pacifier-clip-tutorial

Finally, the little baby girl's basket included a sweater with a flower pin. I took a baby sweater from Target and added a little pop of yellow. I have a small addiction right now to all things grey and yellow. There are several great fabric flower tutorials on line. For this particular pin I used this tutorial.

Whew...that was a lot of tutorials. Now maybe I see why it took me so long to put these gifts together. :) I think I am going to take some time and try to sew something for myself for a change next!


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