Friday, March 23, 2012

All Aboard

Today was a beautiful day in Colorado. I have decided to take on the task of potty training my daughter and woke up thinking we would stay close to home today. But...the weather looked so nice and there was a Facebook thread about a park play date so I thought, I better get out and enjoy the day for a bit. One problem...I was still wearing pajamas and no make up. So, I quickly decided to throw on my favorite hat to hide my greasy hair and slather on a tiny bit of makeup. This hat has become my favorite for two reasons: 1. It is the MOST comfortable hat. I can wear it all day and it never bothers me. 2. I have the tiniest head and it is very hard to find hats to fit, since I made this one it is sized for me. Now, the reason I call it "ALL ABOARD" is because my loving husband always reminds me that he thinks I look like a train conductor when I wear this. But...I wear it anyway. Hopefully I don't look too silly.

This hat comes together quickly (under 30 minutes) and uses an old t-shirt. It is a great way to create a hat that is fitted to your head and save money by recycling an old shirt. A beginner could tackle it quickly and the good news is you leave a lot of edges raw because it is kind of the "worn" style of the hat. You could change up the embellishments or leave them off completely. I made this last year and am thinking it may be time for another one or two to add to my collection. Here is the tutorial for this hat created by At 2nd street.

I am so excited to post about the tunic I created for this competition:

I used the Schoolhouse Tunic pattern from Sew Liberated and some fabric I picked up at the thrift store. Now, I just need to get a photo of it on this weekend so I can submit to to the above competition.



  1. Replies
    1. Measure your head for me Alice :) Thanks for stopping by the blog, hope you are doing well!

  2. Nice meeting you tonight! Very cute blog :) I pinned something already!

    1. Thanks Amy- It was great to meet you too. I am checking out your blog- lots of cute stuff! I am going to start following, thanks for following us! I appreciate it. Hope the move went well.

  3. Love it! Love the fabric flowers! So Fun! Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you again this wednesday!


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