Saturday, November 10, 2012

She's Ready to Pop Shower

A couple weeks ago I had the great privilege to throw a baby shower for my friend and blogging partner, Betsy. Our friend Katie and I hosted and used the theme "She's Ready to Pop". While I didn't get great pics of the decor, hopefully you can get a feel for the shower. Links to recipes/crafts/ideas below. We set up 3 main areas for the shower: onesie craft, food, and seating/wish card station.
 Instead of playing games during the shower we decided to have everyone make Betsy a onesie. We set up an area in the sun room with stencils (we precut shapes on card stock), onesies in various sizes, short and long sleeve and different colors (we dyed several onesies using Rit), scissors, pencils, fabric backed with Wonder Under, and an iron. Katie made a sign for the table that coordinated with the invitations and food labels. I think you can tell from the pictures that everyone had fun (even people who said they weren't crafty) and it was great to see everyone's ideas come to life.  After the shower I took the onesies home to sew around the edges of the appliqué (by the way- thanks to those of you who added stuff to the front and back :) It actually didn't take long and hopefully will help all the beautiful designs stay on through washings.
For the food we stuck with the Pop theme and served Jalapeño Poppers, Mushroom Poppers, Zucchini Poppers, Oreo and Nutterbutter Truffle Pops (a big favorite- gotta try them!), Fluffy Punch with a Pop of Pink, Popcorn, candy tiers with pop rocks, tootsie pops and bubble gum, popcorn chicken, fruit pops and spinach salad with orange poppyseed dressing.

We also had an area for people to fill out wish cards for the baby and to pick up their favor...a POP of color. We simply tied orange ribbon around nail polish with a little sign that said pop of color.

 We also enjoyed some gift opening. Betsy's mom and grandmother had a neat idea I had not seen before. They took outfits they had saved from Betsy's childhood along with the photo taken of her in the outfit and presented them to her for her little girl. Her grandmother also made a lovely quilt that guests enjoyed looking at during the party.

The hostesses and the guest of honor. We had a great time and hope you know how much we enjoyed doing this for you Betsy.


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