Saturday, November 3, 2012

May the Poncho Be With You

Why the strange post title? Well, you can thank my husband for that one. When he saw me after I made this poncho he asked, "what is that star wars looking thing you made?" I guess it is safe to assume he is not a fan. Truth is, I am not sure I am either. I picked up the McCalls 6658 at a recent $1 pattern sale. There was something about this knit sweater looking thing that I thought looked comfy and cozy. We had just had some cooler weather move in and I was in the mood to wear warm and comfortable things. So, I came home and got out my cream sweatshirt material that I picked up last year at Goodwill. After all, for the 7 plus yards I got for $5, I figured if it looked horrible, I wouldn't be out much! So...what do you think...wear in public or only lounge in this at home?

Here you can see the parts I really don't like much. The strange arm holes...which also make movement constrained and the high low waistline. While I know this cut is in right now, I am not sure I like the trend...
I am thinking that maybe in a finer knit, a light sweater knit maybe, this would be a better top? Aside from the arm issues it is warm and comfortable, but for now I think it will be mainly be a lounge around the house kinda top. Unless I can somehow be reassured that I don't look like a Jedi Knight.


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