Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From Trash to Treasure

Sorry for the delay in posting anything recently.  I've been working hard at getting the school year started with a new teaching role, then maternity leave lesson plans, and working on the nursery.  So, many of my posts are going to be about getting the nursery ready to go.  Hope that doesn't bore you to death, but, as many of you know, when you like to craft, you have to do it all yourself! 

Today, I am posting about this beauty of a chair that Shannon found for us on the side of the road.  Yes, outside just waiting for a home to give it some new life and love. 

My mom and grandma came out for a visit a couple weekends ago for my shower.  I put them to work while they were here, and we got so much done!  Mike helped us sand down the rocker and the footrest.  My mom put the first coat of paint on the rocker.  We used a primer and paint in one and it worked really well.  I'm not going to lie - it was a massive pain to paint the bottom of the rocker and the footrest, but I think the outcome looks pretty nice.

In the meantime, foam was on sale at JoAnn's and so was fabric.  So, my grandma and I headed over there to buy what we needed for the cushions on the chair.  I used the old cushions for a pattern and cut the foam with my Gingher's.  I wish I had an electric knife though.  It would have been so much easier! Then, I used those pieces as patterns for my fabric.  I cut it about a half inch bigger than the foam, sewed all my pieces together, and attached ties to the chair pieces.  I stapled the footrest to the base.  Mike tightened all of the screws, and it is as good as new!  I love the outcome!

The pillow on the chair is for a different post.  Oh, and so are the curtains.  Pretend like you haven't seen them yet ;)  You'll just have to wait for those!



  1. You're killing me! I love the pillow and the curtain, so I'm waiting. . . not so patiently. . . cuz I'm just not the patient type. Thanks for all the great ideas. I love your site!

    1. Glad you are enjoying the posts! Sorry to keep you waiting on the rest. They'll be out soon, I promise!


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