Thursday, April 25, 2013

Schoolhouse Tunic Remix

I have a small obsession with this pattern. As blogged about HERE, HERE, and HERE. So, I like to find ways to change it up a little so it doesn't look like I am always wearing the same top. 

For this remix I cut the bodice front on the fold as one piece so there would be no slit. I then gathered two long rectangles of fabric to make the ruffles. I cut one rectangle 3 inches by twice the width of the bottom hem and another one 4 inches tall by twice the width of the bottom hem. 

I used my serger to gather the ruffles and attach the two ruffles together prior to attaching it to the bottom hem of the shirt.

For the neckline I serged the raw edge and then ironed it toward the wrong side. I then stitched the hem down.

 I also put in a slit in the back neckline and used a button and elastic loop closure. There is a great tutorial for how to do that at CINO.

And I also omitted the pleats and gathered the fabric in the center front and back of the body instead. With the gathering, I do think I look pregnant without a belt on, but that being said, it will make a great maternity shirt one day! 

I would enjoy this top more if I had an elastic belt that fit correctly...I need to find that fast! Then, I will be able to enjoy this one throughout the spring :)



  1. I adore the ruffles on the bottom. How nice it must be to just make your own clothes….I must learn to sew!! You look adorable….by the way!

  2. This is a really cute take on the schoolhouse tunic. I am sooo tempted to buy that pattern, but my mind has been completely destroyed by the pattern sales at Joann's and Hancock's. I'll wear down eventually, I'm sure! You did a lovely job!

    1. I hear took me a long time to commit to buying it, but I have gotten really great use out of it- I would say it was well worth the money!

  3. Love it! I am going to check out that pattern right now!

  4. It is gorgeous. Love the material too. Visiting from Craft o maniac

  5. This is so cute! Love how you re-vamped the schoohouse tunic. it is seriously one of my all time favorite patterns!

  6. What a great remix. That turned out great!

  7. So pretty and flattering! I want that pattern too now! -Jen


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