Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Toddler Miracle

Ok...maybe the title is a little dramatic, but people, I have got to tell you about the little activity that saved me today. We have had a very long week. My son had a horrible fever lasting days and didn't move off my lap for 4 days.  Yea, 4 days! I was so behind. On top of that, I took on a task of preparing several meals for a friend in need. So this morning I was on a mission to finish the cooking and clean up my kitchen because it looked like this...

I was in the process of baking some cookies and thought...ah ha, I will have my daughter help. She loves cooking, it will keep her occupied and not bothering her brother. Well, as soon as I hoisted her onto a chair to help...little brother comes crying and wants to be a part of the fun. But 1 year old + baking = no fun for momma, so I remembered quickly skimming an activity on Pinterest once about keeping a toddler busy in a sink with some bubbles...what the heck, let's give it a go I thought.

Now..before you get all excited, let me warn you. Before you start, close your eyes and have a moment of silence for your will get messy...ok, have you come to terms with it? Got yourself some towels? Ok, now read on...

I filled the sink up about a fourth of the way with bubbles and water, threw in a turkey baster, measuring cups and plastic cups...and silently prayed for it to last longer than 10 minutes (that's about the longest I normally get with my son). Well 20 minutes passed and sister joined in on the fun. Then I finished a batch of cookies and had to try them...and no one noticed.

 I actually sat there taking photos in a chair while eating and NO ONE NOTICED. No one begged me for a bite, no one even glanced over at me, no seriously...

 I was all like "Hey, remember me, I am your mom." And they were all like, "We don't care about you but we love these bubbles and the fact you are allowing us to stand on chairs naked in the kitchen." was good. 1.5 hours in I made them take a break for a snack.

Then...back to the water they went.

For another hour+...who knows how long it could have gone, I stopped them for lunch.

I'd be lying if I said there was no interaction with me. There was of course a couple reminders in the beginning (no no- water stays in the sink, water stays in the sink, WATER STAYS IN THE SINK). I think it sunk in. And I did clean up some spilled water from time to time and at the end, but the towels I had surrounding them did most of the work. Really I was just kickin' it in my favorite sweat pants, eating cookies, and getting all kinds of stuff accomplished...
(these may not be the cutest pants I have ever made but they are the most comfy, hands down!)

I even had time to get on the computer, check email and drink a cup of coffee. If your house is anything like mine, you may be saying- this can not be true...and this is why I documented it in photos. You see, it really was a toddler miracle :)



  1. ok….now I have to try this…2 hours or more….I'm a bit skeptical if it would keep ella and her 2 sec attention span busy…here's hoping!

  2. This cracks me up. And gives me hope! I have a very busy 20 month old who would love this. Thanks for the idea and the proof that it works!

    1. Glad you stopped by Emily and I hope it works for you- you never know with these activities, some work and some don't,but just keep trying until you find the one :)

  3. Found you through Sew Can Do. LOVE this post, totally trying it today after nap time!!!

    You might have just become my hero

    1. Ha Ha :) I hope it works out for you- if not this activity, something will work! I think the key is to keep trying til you find the one that grabs their attention- here's hoping you get a productive afternoon!

  4. Good tip! I may have to try this one day! I just realized last night that playdoh seems to be a good task to keep my son busy so I need to pick up some of that too!

  5. When my son and daughter were small I would put there baby tub half full of water in the middle of kitchen floor (of course, on top of layers of bath towels). I had cups, funnels, bowls, straws, and anything else I thought would be fun to them in the water. They would get water on the floor some but tile floor was so easy to clean up. I never was comfortable with them standing up in a chair at sink so on the floor worked better for us. My kids had a calm, consuming time.


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