Thursday, August 15, 2013

DIY Linen Bulletin Board with Nailhead Trim

I have finally been working on putting together my craft room. This room has come a long way and I have tried to do many of the projects on a tight budget. So, whenever I could use things I already had on hand, I tried my best to work with what I had. The bulletin board came from my daughter's room and had been unused for over a year. The "linen" fabric is actually a painter's drop cloth left over from my DIY Sectional cushions and we already had the stapler on hand. The only things I purchased for this project were the nailhead trim packages. I bought 2 online and one at Hancock fabrics. The cheapest route would probably have been to buy all at Hancock fabrics with coupons. That one package only cost me a $1.88. The problem was my store never got any of these back in stock. After making several trips, I just decided to buy it online. Unfortunately those ran more like $5 a all said and done, I spent about 12 bucks on this makeover.

To makeover the bulletin board it took a few simple steps. First, I laid the drop cloth on the floor and placed the bulletin board face down on top. I made sure there were a few inches of overhang on all sides and trimmed the fabric.

Then I started stapling the fabric onto the board. I pulled mine tight, but in hindsight I would probably not pull it quite so taut. It made adding the nailhead trim later much more difficult.

At the corners I pulled the fabric straight over the corner and tucked the two flaps down before stapling.

After stapling I trimmed the fabric...and got a little carried away- leave a little more than I did :)

Then I turned it over and added the silver 3/8 inch nailhead trim. I just pushed them right into the bulletin board, one inch apart, all the way around the board. 

You can see here some got a little wonky. I could easily pull them out and try it again. In the end, it looked like this: 

I am so pleased with the way this little corner is starting to turn out. I will also add some info about the desk and shelving we added to the space soon. It has come a long way from the way this room first looked....just wait for that before photo!


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