Monday, August 12, 2013

Quick Dress to Maxi Refashion

         Maxi Skirt: Refashion from a dress (old), Denim Jacket: Polo (old), gray tank (Walmart)

As I recently prepared for a garage sale, I cleaned out about half of my closet. I found one of my favorite maxi dresses was buried in my closet. While I love the style and color of the dress, I no longer feel comfortable rockin' outfits that don't allow for a bra...ya know? So, first I decided to sew in some bra cups that I had in my craft, no...

I felt completely uncomfortable, lopsided, and not remotely right in that I thought, I will just chop it off and make it a skirt. And that's what I did. I chopped off the halter, right above the top piece of elastic.

And...that was it. I didn't sew it, fix the part that ripped open while cutting, nothin' - just rolled it down once and called it good, but ...

the seamstress in me is not going to leave it that way. It is currently waiting to have a new elastic waistband added and cleaned up. But, until then, I may wear it this way a couple times :)


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