Tuesday, March 12, 2013

DIY Pillow Inserts and Floor Pouf

When I purchased IKEA pillowcases for our Family Room Makeover, I could have purchased the matching inserts at the store. However, since I was not planning on buying my pillows there I had already purchased 24 x 24 pillow inserts at Joanns awhile back for super cheap during a sale. So...what to do? Do I save the pillow inserts from Joanns and purchase the IKEA ones or use what I have and make it work. I opted for the second option. I quickly turned my two Joann 24 x 24 inserts into two pillow inserts for the IKEA cases and used the remainder for my pouf...you can find more on that below.

The whole project took about 45 minutes one night while watching tv. (Sorry for the dark pics.) I first determined the size I needed my insert to be. Luckily for me the width was the same so I only had to measure and mark the length I needed my inserts to be.
 I took my ruler and marked the new length in several spots moving across the pillow. Then connected the lines with a marker. You can see it faintly below.
 Next I took scissors and starting cutting the pillow on the line. I snipped one side of the insert at a time and worked my way all the way around.

Then I pinned the opening closed and hand stitched it together.

 And it was done. I stuffed them into my pillowcases and called it good.

I took the remaining stuffing from the pillow inserts and used it to help fill the DIY Pouf I made. This quick project saved me a trip to the store and I was able to use the pillow inserts I already had on hand...woo hoo!


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