Saturday, March 9, 2013

BHG Floor Pouf is one week into March and I still haven't posted the next space in my Dozen Designs challenge...well, let's just say we went with the guest bath and it is turning out to be a bit bigger DIY job than we planned on, but it should be done soon! So, in the meantime let's finish up the family room.

When creating our family room makeover I wanted to add a little floor pouf for an additional seat, a place for the kids to lounge, and some added color. I found this free pattern over at Better Homes and Gardens. What I did not realize was just how large this floor pouf is...maybe the term ottoman should have given it away though. My original plan was to have two smaller poufs but once I began cutting the fabric I realized quickly there would only be enough for in the end I have one large ottoman/floor pouf and I am happy with it and slowly getting used to its large size :) 

For the fabric I used this curtain panel from Target. I bought the $20 panels and barely had enough to complete the pattern. I had to unpick the stitching at the top to allow enough room for the top and bottom octagon pieces. These poufs also require a lot of stuffing so I used old clothes, baby blankets, plus fiberfill including some extra I had on hand from the pillows to create this one pouf. So, while it may not have been what I was expecting, I am pleased with the result and it gets plenty of use in our family seems to have changed to a "rock" my kids use in their make believe games that they roll from place to place :) 



  1. wow, good for you. i love that pattern, and how it plays off the rug, too.

  2. that's so cute! i am thinking about making a couple of these, but maybe i will downsize them a bit since they are quite large as u mentioned.

    thanks for sharing this!!!


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