Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Green Dress

I was so hoping to get in the sewing room last weekend, but it just didn't happen!  May is insane with the end of the school year and everything that needs to be done for Kindergarten Graduation.  We may go a little overboard at our school, but it sure is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

I, once again, was inspired by Pinterest to make a dress like this one.  I decided to make it an even easier project than the original post I saw.  I went to the thrift store (where I get all my best fabric) and found a tank top and a dress that would match.  I didn't care what the dress looked like as I was only using the fabric from it.  I simply cut the skirt away from the top of the dress and already had my lined skirt done.  Then, I figured out where to cut the tank and attached them with the sewing machine.  I wanted something to cover up the seam, so I braided a belt and called it good!

With Summer coming, who doesn't love a fast and easy project to add to your wardrobe?!


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