Friday, February 8, 2013

Little Boy PJs

And now it is my son's turn. The first pair pictured are the ones I was originally making for my son yesterday...but this knit just did not have enough stretch and wouldn't fit over his head, so I need to make some adjustments. Instead, I dug through my stash and found another boyish knit. Both of these fabrics were from the thrift store by the in the end these were some cheap pjs with a pattern I will be using for a long time. And, did I mention the pattern was only about $1.40. It is part of this pattern bundle, but only available for a couple more days at the discounted price. So today during naptime I quickly whipped out these little pjs and can I just tell you my kids love them. My daughter begs me to wear them and wants to wear them all day long! Guess I better keep em coming.

Sorry for all the pics...this little man is just so stinkin' cute I can never decide which ones to take out!

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