Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Family Room Makeover

Well...I did it...kind of, I mean I almost completed my first room for my new year's challenge on time, and of course, I have an excuse. My hubby was gone for 16 days this month...that is 16 in a ROW. Ok, ok, I know that is nothing compared to what many people I know deal with on a regular basis but I am going to admit that this was excruciating hard to handle for me. The room was almost complete except for the ottoman legs and the wall art. Once he came home, it was all completed the next day and by Feb. 2nd the room was done! (Well, not quite but I will get to that later).

So, without further ado here is the new space.

 Now, I am not a designer, nor do I pretend to be, but I do enjoy decorating. This space has come a long way since we moved in. It does serve as our family room and this is also where my children play. We do not have a playroom, so the space has to be kid friendly but not overrun with toy clutter that will make me cranky. Below is a before and after shot and a quick list of projects that we tackled.

Here is the gallery wall art that you can not see in the first photo. 
Links to Posts and Projects:

Overall I am very happy with the way the room turned out. We have lots of storage for toys...(the toy bin labels are technically still not done. I had them ready and my son ruined them, so I have to redo them). I have lots of tutorials on the way, showing how the room came together and how the DIY projects were tackled. Now...on to the bad news. I did NOT meet my personal goal for January which was to drink more water. I had some improvement but no where near where I need to be, so I am keeping that my personal goal for February. As for what room is next...it is a tough call. Technically, it is supposed to be the kitchen but I think we may focus on the guest bathroom instead. However, that comes with a big tile project and major DIY, so the month long time line is going to be very challenging to meet!

Source List for none DIY Projects:

Rug 8x10  in Spa Blue:


Wicker Baskets in Media Cutout:


Linking up here:
TDC Before and After


  1. WOW!!! Looks like it is straight out of a glossy magazine...you have melded style with family practicality perfectly.
    I am intrigued by the 3 framed pieces of art - are they pieces of fabric??? The compliment the rug perfectly...J

  2. You know I love your family room. Plus, I forgot to tell you that your blanket is super comfy : )

  3. What a lovely room. Looks like a very relaxing place to read a magazine/book and watch your family play. Love the pouf!

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  5. Looks great! LOVE the floor poof! I need to make one of those for my kiddos - I guess I would need to make one for each?! Life to the full, Melissa

    1. Thanks Melissa, my kids love dragging the pouf around- I have made smaller ones in the past that are more their size though...and a lot faster to make :)

  6. Looking good! I want to know more about your curtains! Did you make them yourself? Where are they from?

  7. Beautiful makeover! Your room looks very homey and cozy.

  8. I love the custom artwork with important dates. Did you make them yourself? If purchased, would you mind sharing where you got them?

    1. Hi Taryn, I made the art work and have an upcoming tutorial on how to create them coming to the blog soon. It was fairly inexpensive to do :)

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