Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baby's First Christmas

It's been a crazy last couple months!  I thought I would have all this time in the summer to do all these projects I had on my list, but my list got scrambled when we found out we are having a baby!  We are so very excited for her to join our family in December!  Until people knew, I couldn't post anything on here baby related, but now I can!  Yay!

Today I will share Baby's first Christmas outfit.  I know, it's only September, but since she is due a week before Christmas, I didn't want to run out of time after she was born.  Her clothing collection is growing (which is awesome), but I wanted to make her outfit for her first Christmas because we will also be taking her pictures in this outfit.  

I started with a long sleeved onesie I already had from my mom.  I cut out some ribbon and put it in the shape of a tree.  I glued it on with some fabric glue - I'll keep you all posted about how I liked it.  So far, I like the glue for the ribbon to the onesie, but not so much for the ribbon to ribbon.  It doesn't really want to stick for that. 

Then, I made her a tutu.  I couldn't find any bright green tulle, so I decided to use strips of ribbon in it's place.  I used ribbon at the top instead of elastic also.  I did find red and white tulle.  I cut the tulle and green ribbon into strips of 14 inches using a piece of cardboard cut to that length so I just had to wrap it and then cut the top and bottom.  Then tied it to the ribbon at the top.  I had to guess how big to make it.  I may have made it too big, but it is easier to take some of the strips off then put them on later.  

I am just on the hunt for some tights to complete the outfit and we are done!  I am excited to see it on her!  I will post a pic of Baby in it after she is here!



  1. OMG!! This is adorable!! Talented work, Betsy!! I'm excited to see pictures with the little one in it!!

    Congratulations, Betsy and Mike!!!!

    Miss you both,

  2. skirt or tutu is my favorite xxx
    I think your blog is very inspiring, i enjoyed reading it. Lets follow each other! I am dreaming of having more than 25 followers. I wold really appreciate it xxx

  3. I love to see craft ideas from other bloggers, always so inspiring!

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