Saturday, April 14, 2018

DIY Swimsuit: Lea Swimsuit Pattern by Laela Jeyne

Whew...I must love this swimsuit pattern a lot to sign up for testing and volunteering to post pics all over blogland in a swimsuit. When I saw the email come through looking for pattern testers, I jumped at the chance, as this swimsuit is exactly what I have been wanting to purchase. What better opportunity than to make it for myself and my measurements? And so, I present to you, the LEA SWIMSUIT by Laela Jeyne Patterns. The link's sale price will be good through April 20.

The pattern is written for dress sizes 00-26 and comes with 2 different views. I chose to create view B, the plunge neckline. I loved the look of view A, which includes a lace panel, but didn't have the needed lace on hand for this test and dragging four young kids all over looking for one sounded unappealing to me. I can't ever imagine why?

However, I knew I wanted the look of lace so after digging around my sewing room I went to my favorite vintage lace trim. I love this stuff and it always just seems to add that special touch to a project. I recently used it on the bottom of this BOHO MAXI DRESS and a way long time ago on a SCHOOLHOUSE TUNIC. I may just cry when this roll runs out. 

In order to use this lace I had to break a sewing rule or two. First, this is not stretch lace. And second, there is probably no part of it that is swimming friendly. To attach it, after constructing the bodice, I gently stretched the cup and stitched it down both sides and the top using a small zig zag stitch. I wanted it to lay flat upon wearing and stretching the fabric slightly while attaching it helped achieve this. If I wanted this suit for swimming and splashing with my kids, well...I would have made view A and put in a panel. But the fact is, this suit is just to have for lounging pool or ocean side feeling fabulous (oh wait, I haven't done that in a very long time- but I have dreams people). 

Now let's take a look at my other favorite feature, the back straps. There are six straps that criss cross in such a fun pattern. I shortened my straps by about an inch to get the right fit. I absolutely love this design feature. It is stylish and adds great support to the suit. 

 I feel like you could play with this design too and lay them out in several styles. So many possibilities! The swim fabric used here is a solid navy swim from Colorado Fabrics (It was purchased at the actual store, not the online site of the former Denver Fabrics).

 Now, as much as I love this suit, there is one part that I will change for personal preference and that is the leg line. The suit above shows exactly how the suit was designed and what you should expect when sewing it up. (Many people testing the pattern loved the bum coverage on this suit). But, my personal preference is a higher, dare I say, more cheekie cut on my suits. The lower leg line isn't my favorite style and I feel a higher cut elongates my legs so I do plan on trying to alter this part of the suit to my taste. Also, the leg elastic is very tight, so do a test run with your elastic wrapped around your thigh before attaching it to the suit and make sure you don't need to add length.

This suit was so much fun to put together. It is fairly easy to assemble as far as swimsuits go, but I would not classify swimsuits as a beginner project. This is my third swimsuit and I learn something new every time. However, they are so much fun to put together and there is something so satisfying about swimming your own suit!

The pattern is on sale for a limited time and can be purchased HERE. I can't wait to see all the creations from the pattern this season and I am already thinking of my next, someone tell my hubby to book us a beach vacation stat.

Until next time- Happy Sewing,

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