Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY Gifts for Girls: Reversible Circle Skirt

I have a problem...a serious problem. I have grand plans in my head every year for all the sewing gifts I will complete. Lists and ideas begin in my head somewhere around September and then come December I find myself knee deep in another project. This year is no different. First came Thanksgiving and the idea of redoing my entire dining room, including the sewing of 6 slip covers, all in a week prior to family arriving. Now, here it is two weeks from Christmas and what am I doing? Painting my kitchen cabinets, of course! When will I learn? Really, when will I learn? But the good news is, my cabinets are looking AMAZING (can't wait to show you the makeover) and I have some quick and easy gift ideas to share in case you find yourself in my shoes and need fast, cute, and easy gifts to whip up this Christmas.

Have any little girls in your life you would like to sew for? I would recommend the incredibly fast and adorable circle skirt. I made my 8 year old and 3 year old nieces a couple skirts recently and they are hit with both ages. I mean, are you ever to old to twirl in a pretty skirt? I say fact, I may have to whip up a circle skirt for myself this spring as well. I will let you know if twirling at age 35 is in fact, still fun :)

There is always the classic circle skirt with all its twirling glory- and a wonderful tutorial can be found over at MADE. These are quick and easy to whip up, but if you have just a little more time on your hands, I would like to suggest checking out this adorable reversible circle skirt tutorial by Cherie of You & Mie over a This Heart Of Mine.

For my skirt, I used two inexpensive fabrics from the clearance section at Walmart as well as some orange double fold bias tape. The end result is two skirts in one and did I mention...hours and hours of twirling :)

Hop on over and check out these wonderful tutorials. This is great for BEGINNERS- and so fast and easy. I have another gift idea for friends or teachers up next- til then, I will be painting away :)


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  1. I love this skirt idea! Would be perfect for spring! Thanks for sharing.


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