Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pattern Review: MADE Beach Robe

I finally purchased a pattern I have wanted to sew for over a year now. The MADE Beach Robe pattern can be found HERE.  When I saw the red and white version she made, I knew I wanted it. I still haven't made the white version yet, but I plan on it. For the robes I was making, I purchased towels from Walmart, but found it took two towels to make one robe. I only had enough to make a robe for my daughter (for some reason I bought two of the pink/purple print towel) and my son's towel would have to be put to the side for something else. As I debated over what to make it with, I settled on knit fabric, and I LOVE IT!
It is so soft and cozy. It is much easier to work with than the towel and doesn't leave a big mess. The downside is...it is not a towel, so it is more to be used as a robe after toweling off after a bath. But, I still love it. I used some gray jersey knit, orange bias tape on the edges, and made the hood lining and tie bias tape out of Robert Kaufman Metro Living Circle fabric in gray. I love the gray and orange color combo, similar to what I used on these fabric baskets:

For my daughter's robe I used two towels and purple bias tape. I did not do the full tie on hers and I regret it...I think the full tie is much cuter!

My daughter can be a bit of a ham for photos...
But, at least she was enjoying herself which is more than I can say for my son...most of our pictures turned out like this:
But they both love putting them on after baths and staying warm and cozy. I am happy with the pattern and think it is so cute when it comes together. I would recommend doing the full tie and if you don't find a towel you love...give it a try in knit, you just might love it as much as I do!


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