Monday, June 3, 2013

Table Before and After

So I have this little problem...some projects take me FOREVER to complete. I don't know if it is being overwhelmed by the amount of work or a distraction with a sewing obsession or what...but I struggle at times. I bought this table at a thrift store last summer for $35.

It was a pedestal table in good shape, with a leaf and cheap enough to make it worth a go. I intended to refinish it immediately and then it sat, and sat, then it was sanded and sat, then it was stripped and sanded again and sat, then stained and get the point. Several months later I have finished it. Unfortunately, I don't think it is done. I just am not loving the end result when you are close up. Here is the story of this table.

First I worked hard to remove all the blue paint by stripping with Citrustrip and sanding. Once it was all sanded down and looked good, I started with the top. I used Minwax prestaining wood conditioner and then a coat of stain in Jacobean. I loved the way the stain looked wet, but when wiping it down (after letting is sit for 10 -15 minutes) I was disappointed. It was not evenly staining, even though I thought I did all the prep work right. So, I stained a few more coats and it never really got better.

I searched for solutions and came across Censational Girl's post about her banister (which is also a project I plan on tackling). I decided to give the watered down paint method a go. I used a combo of brown and black acrylic paint and water and quickly and thinly coated the table. It filled it in the color differences but it is too much of a painted look for me. But after months of working with this thing, I was frustrated. So, out came the white paint for the base: Sherwin Williams Alabaster White and then everything got 3 coats of polycrilic in semi-gloss. While I like it enough for now...I see some more refinishing in its future...ughh...I don't even want to think about it. I am so behind on other projects and want to paint my kitchen cabinets white, so for she is:

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  1. I think it looks great! And I am trying to redo my banister in the next weeks too...without sanding and going to attempt chalk paint. I am going to test it first but I figure if the test works I will save myself soooo much time because I absolutely hate sanding things.

    1. Thanks - You will have to let me know how the banister works out. Mine will be a huge job with the sanding too...I was thinking about using a gel stain b/c I think you don't have to sand with those??? I will have to check

  2. I am right there with you on being behind with projects. I blame it on the sewing for sure :) I honestly think the table looks GREAT! In the photos it looks bright and the finish looks amazing! I think you did a really good job!
    Heidi @

  3. Your table is gorgeous! I"m so intimidated by furniture projects. I'd love if you'd come share at Inspire Us Thursday


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