Monday, December 31, 2012

A Dozen Designs: A New Year's Resolution

I have this thing that I do that drives me crazy...I start things and get bored so I move on to something new. My new house is an example of what can happen when you have this problem. I have now lived here for 4 months and I have yet to complete a single room. Don't get me wrong, many of them are started, projects in place, design plans thought up, but NONE are done. And it is driving me crazy. So I decided that I would take the opportunity of the new year to complete my house. I will be tackling one room per month until they are DONE. All the little projects that have sat uncompleted to the bigger refinishing/painting projects that are looming will be completed. I will not allow myself to move onto another room until the one before it is completed. The only part I can't guarantee will be finished are the big big projects like retiling the entry and bathrooms because I am not sure my husband's time frame will fit into the month schedule, but we will see what happens.

In addition to working on my house, I will be working on me as well. Each month I have also created a challenge for myself that I personally need to work on. I will be posting updates throughout the year and hope to use my blog to keep me accountable. I will still be posting regular sewing posts, but I am excited to have a clear plan for 2013.  So without further are my first two challenges:

House Challenge: Complete the family room. Here are some pictures of the family room when we moved in...I am happy to say this room is now almost done (That is why I picked it is all about starting slow:) I am excited to post about the after. There will be many fun things to share from organization, painting, custom curtains, DIY ottoman...and so on!
Personal Challenge: Drink more WATER. Seriously, this is like my number one problem. I hardly drink any water a day. As a teacher I trained myself not to since bathroom breaks were hard to come by and now I have created a problem. I have had kidney stones twice, one time required surgery for removal...uhh, would think this would be motivation enough???

So, here I go. I look forward to posting results soon!



  1. I'm working on drinking more water myself!!! Last month I started using a 'hostpital jug' which is 30 oz. and already I went from drinking 16 oz. on a daily basis in November to 30-40 oz. a day for most of December. I really feel like this helped me a lot because I didn't have to keep refilling smaller cups constantly, and it has a lid so I could carry it around with me everywhere without worrying about it spilling! Not only that but these things are plentiful at Thrift Stores so go pick one out you like and then, if you want, scrub off the logo so it's just got the oz. label. (Tutorial here:

    Good luck on your goals!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Exercise Encouragement Group Blog

  2. As a 'fellow teacher' I also need to drink more water. Always making sure the little kids have plenty of water during their day - need to follow my own advice!!! Looking forward to following along during 2013 - off to have a peek around your blog...J


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