Thursday, October 25, 2012

House Happenings

If you read our blog you may have noticed a slow down in posts and sewing tutorials. Let's just say life has been busy and a tad overwhelming at times. For me, I sold a house, bought a house, packed a house, unpacked a house, started work, started MOPS, started attending a small the past two months and this house came with lots of "to do" items. And add to that a 1 and 2 year old and time goes by quickly with little progress. So, while this post is not craft related it gives you a little glimpse into my life and what we have been up to lately...I hope to be posting more regularly soon and also have lots of house decorating posts as well. Til is what you can bet I will be doing: wrangling these two cuties who love to play and fight and manage one cranky teething little boy:



  1. Hahaha….I love the pictures of Jack…esp the one of his screaming while the other 2 are looking so pleased : )


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