Saturday, June 2, 2012

Book Bag

Whew...Betsy and I have been stuck in the craziness that is known as May in the education world. Sorry we have been missing lately as the school year wrapped up. I have also decided to take on WAY too many things right now and am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Two weeks ago my niece turned 2. I packed the kids up and we headed two hours south to hang out with my sister and her family for the day. (My husband was left working on one of my "over my head" DIY projects...that is another post). I decided to make her a little book bag that she could take to the library or have around the house to carry all the large picture books children often enjoy. This idea is nothing new...just thought I would share my spin on it! Enjoy...

1. I purchased a pre made canvas bag...I think I picked this up at Joann's but I am not sure. Next, I used this as an inspiration and created a freezer paper stencil on my Cricut machine. (There are many tutorials on using Freezer Paper stencils- this was my first one and it was super easy to work with.)
2. I painted the words using Martha Stewart Craft paint that I won at the Denver Meet Up...thanks again ladies!

3. Once it was finished I thought it needed a little something more. I took a scrap piece of fabric and added a ruffle to the top. I wanted a more frayed look, but didn't want it to come completely unraveled so I left the edges unfinished and put on some fray check. I stitched the ruffle to the top of the bag and it was done.

This is a quick and easy gift, now I just need to make one for my daughter...maybe when I make my way through the 8 million other tasks I have taken on!



  1. I was just linking up to Craft-o-maniac and saw your book tote. The funny thing is, I was linking up exactly the same thing! I thought that I definitely needed to stop and say HI because obviously great minds think alike. Hehe!! I love the ruffle on yours! Here's my blog link if you want to check mine out:

    1. Ha- too funny- Your bag is adorable- I love the fabric flowers...might have to try that for the one I will make for my daughter


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